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About IMK / 关于IMK


Institut Memandu Kami Sdn Bhd (IMKSB) is the largest Driving Institute in Rawang area and the Hulu Selangor and has been in operation since 2010 August.

IMKSB provides Driver License Acquisition training Courses using its fleet of about 30 vehicles in different vehicle categories like Light Motor Vehicle (Car) and Motor Cycles.

Around 10,000 students have acquired their driving licenses from IMKSB since its inception. IMKSB has over 10 qualified Male and Female Instructors of different races who can instruct the students in their primary language making it easier for them to take their driver training.


IMKSB provide Motorcycle Circuit, Cars, Trucks and Vocational Circuit (Trailer, Bus, Taxi) that meet the new concept of the Road Transport Department circuit.

Every year, we have successfully trained more than 10,000 candidates for the various classes of driving licenses are valid.


IMKSB sprawling premise has some of the public service facilities. These include a Reception / Registration areas, Cafeteria, Lecture Theaters, simulator training, Safety Hall,  an area of 261 360sq. ft. where students can practice parking, hill starts and other elements of vehicle control before venturing on to the public road system.

IMKSB also offers student transport (pick up and drop off) service with 2 drivers that cover locations as far as 15km from HQ which locate in Sungai Choh.

We are not just to conduct courses and training to new drivers only but also offers courses and advanced training for light vehicle such as Advance Learning Course for CDL holder.

In addition, every year, we also gave a lecture course on Road Safety Secondary schools in order to raise awareness among school students.

Mission statements

We are very committed to run the best training related driving in order to reduce accidents and fatalities on the road.


Safety, Satisfaction, Success.

ISO Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 – Provision of Driving Academy Services, Industrial Vehicle Training, Rehabilitation Course and Registration Counter Services.

Certificate Number : 78778/A/0001/UK/En

ISO Certificate

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